The CYBORG are laminated cue tips with the best Japanese pig skin

. Adhering unbelievably, can have an extremely solid and effective beat
. They are resistant to the most adverse weather conditions
. Adhere more chalk, than any other cue tip in market
. slightly deform and are able to maintain their gameplay much longer than normal
. Are the tips with less deflection in the market
. They are made with the best technology in the world and carefully selected for all types of players

The CYBORG are different from each other with various characteristics, such as we have

.Super Soft (CYBORG SSupra)

.Soft - (CYBORG Black S and Hybrid S)

.Medium - (CYBORG Black M, Quick CYBORG, Hybrid M)

. Hard - (CYBORG H and HYBRID H)

This is because we have all kinds of cue tips for all types of players and features

They are all different from each other and quite different characteristics,
if you do not like one, you can love the other
Our goal is to please all types of player in both the Pool and Carom

Find your preferred CYBORG and guaranteed you'll never want to trade the same
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Cyborg Black H (CYBORG Hard)

Cue tip with 9 Premium Japanese pig skin layers.

Hardness H - 80

Very consistent with no deformation, excellent speed and spins, excellent sound shot and durability.

The perfect tip for those who like harder tips but without being too harsh.

Made with the best know - how ever!

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Cyborg Black M (CYBORG Medium)

9 layers of Premium Japanese pig skin.

 hardness M - 76

It is probably the most universal and solid ON cue playing tip.
Very consistent with little deformation , excellent speed and spins, excellent sound shot and durability.
Made with the best know - how ever!

Good elasticity and very solid hit

Perfect for all clothes and shafts for a player who like to play with a medium hardness!

Very good tip for play Billiards

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Cyborg Black S (CYBORG Soft)

Cue tip with 9 layers of the premium Japanese pig skin

Hardness Soft - 70

It is a soft tip, which gives little spin and little speed the white ball.

Perfect for quick cloths and for players who want a larger white ball control!
Perfect for shooters who like soft tips
They have a solid beat and soft at the same time with a very agreeable sound to the ear.

Very good for stiffer Shafts

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Cyborg SSupra (CYBORG SSupra)
9 Japanese Premium pig skin layers.

White layers 2 and 7 black .

Hardness Super Soft - 67

With excellent speed , spins , very solid hit , perhaps the best super soft in the World .
They have a very soft and stable whipped at which it remains longer than the other marks.
Perfect for players who like a tip with a very soft hit and very technical .
Great sound on the hit and excellent feedback If you like a Super Soft cue tip then do not hesitate........ choose SSupra !
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